WhatsApp’s Status update on February 24

WhatsApp’s Status update on February 24

The popular messaging app introduced its new ‘Status’ feature which allows users to share short video status messages that disappear after 24 hours.

1. On your phone’s WhatsApp, there is now a new section called ‘Status’.

from this panel, you will be able to see statuses that others have put. You can also update your own status from here.

New Whats app "status feture"

2. Select ‘My Status’ to upload your own.

It will bring up your phone’s camera.

whats app cam

3. Here you can take a photo or a video that will represent your status.

add text to whats app status

4. You can further tweak it.

You can add text, stickers, and even scribbles (!) on your status.

add sticker to whats app

add sticker to whats app2


5. Once you’re satisfied, you can upload it.

Prior to this, WhatsApp will notify you that this status will be sent to all your contacts. Once you confirm this, your new status will be live.

whats app notification for live

6. Once your status is live, users can reply to it.

This allows them to send you direct messages with the aforementioned status update attached.

now ready your whatsapp live status

7. If you are not satisfied with your status update, you may simply delete it.

Click on the status you want to delete and tapping the ‘Trash’ icon. This window will also show you your contacts that have seen your status.

delete your whatsapp

Sanket Patel

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