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Create ad groups:

Before you select keywords for your show Network campaigns, confirm that the ad teams for every of your campaigns square measure organized by the merchandise or services that you simply supply. it is best to start out with keywords that describe the merchandise or services that you are advertising. Then, you’ll be able to produce ads associated with those keywords.

Choose keywords for Display Network campaigns

Choose keywords

Your ad group’s keyword list helps North American country show your ads on relevant websites or to relevant audiences.

Follow these tips to make a high-quality keyword list:

select keywords associated with your product or service.
produce an of five to twenty keywords that relate closely to 1 another and to the ads therein ad group. Keywords of 2 or 3 words tend to figure most effectively.
choose keywords that square measure associated with one another. for instance, if you sell flowers, you may need to feature “baby shower” and “baby shower arrangements” to your keyword list. That way, your keywords will show your ads to customers WHO might be inquisitive about shopping for roses or flower arrangements for an occurrence.
choose keywords associated with the websites your customers see.
If you have got a powerful and well-recognized whole, embody branded keywords.

Choose keywords for Display Network campaigns 2

Select a keyword setting

After you’ve created your keyword list, you’ll opt for a “Keyword setting.” This setting applies to any or all keywords in your ad cluster. you have got 2 options:


choose this setting to achieve those that ar researching product or services like yours. This setting permits your ads to achieve folks probably to have an interest in your keywords, even once they are also browsing content regarding alternative topics. additionally, your ads can show on content that’s contextually relevant to your keywords.
this can be the default setting. this selection is usually recommended for many advertisers. It permits you to achieve a wider audience that’s probably to have an interest in your product or services.

Content keywords were antecedently referred to as show choose keywords (DSK).
this selection might considerably slim the reach of your ads. The “Content” setting solely provides regarding half-hour of the reach of the “Audience” setting, on average.

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